IMG_9333 - Version 3Hi! My name is Amy. I am wife and Mom of two college-aged sons. I cherish my time with family and friends, teaching children, and spending time with the Lord. I enjoy writing, taking walks, photography, and nature. I can’t go a day without my morning coffee and something sweet along the way. I believe in the power of prayer, and strive to have a heart of gratitude daily.   My name means “loved one” and I am grateful to God for so much love in my life.

I am a “work in progress” and I often don’t measure up to the me I wish I would be.  But, I am grateful for God’s tender-mercies and unending grace (something I need EVERY single day).   At times this life can be very difficult, but I have found there is an “anchor in the storm” who holds me tight and will never let me go.
This blog is dedicated to my Mom, who always pointed me to Him.